Palace Spirit Tour


“When the “possessed” dancer is performing the dance in trance conditions, he can display unusual abilities, such as resistance to the effects of whipping or fire”

This truly unique event is reserved for a limited number of guests to ensure the intimate setting and connection to the spiritual nature of the performance is achieved. As a personal guest of Prince Anak Agung Ngurah Panji Astika, you are warmly invited for an evening of deep insight into the heart and tradition of the Royal Puri Anom Palace in Tabanan.

Upon arrival, just prior to sunset and greeting with fresh coconuts, your Balinese hosts will walk you through the beautiful labyrinth-like Palace while educating you about the functionality, history and mysticism of the grounds. Even those with adequate knowledge relating to Balinese culture, gain further insight into the world of the Balinese’ unique Hinduism and religious customs. You will then be seated in the courtyard for your traditional Palace dinner served by friendly and attentive wait staff. Enjoy the locally sourced and prepared fresh food while the young ladies perform the beautiful Lelong dance.

Then the Finale! Comfortably seated on green grass inside the ancient decorated walls, the show begins….

“They (guests) were able to see that there was something outside western understanding going on” – Rex Sumner

“Foreigners need to learn about and understand this” – Craig Albery

Sanghyang : Trance Dance

Sanghyang is a sacred Balinese dance based on the premise that an unseen force enters the body of an entranced performer. The force, identified as hyang, is an important type of spiritual entity in ancient Balinese mythology. The Sanghyang dances are considered sacred and are performed exclusively at Tabanan palace.

The performers mount rattan horses and dance on fire and coals while traditional instruments such as the angklung, gongs, and dog-dog drums are played. This portion of the performance ends when a dancer enters a trance, which is traditionally said to be caused by spirit possession.

Please be informed that this event is for persons over the age of 16 years old. Thank you.

“Brilliant concept, very interesting evening. Thanks for the good work you’re doing to help preserve Balinese culture and bring the tourist dollars to areas that that wouldn’t otherwise benefit”


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